Energy Systems

Energy systems are in a process of a profound transformation. In Europe, a radical upgrade of the existing energy system towards a system of highly efficient, synergetic and flexible components will be necessary to meet the three overarching energy and climate policy objectives.

Main driving forces for this transition are:

  • Significant reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, especially through implementation of intermittent renewable generation
  • Shift from oil to gas through new reserves and environmental aspects
  • Rapid increase in energy demand, especially in developing economies
  • Globalization and need to secure competitiveness.

Sustainable energy system will be a complex combination of centralized and local generation combining a wide variety of energy resources including renewables and energy storages. Increasing the intermittent energy such as wind and solar will pose a challenge to the balance management of the power system. New solutions to increase flexibility are required at all levels of the energy system.

Finland belongs to the global forerunners in energy system development. In addition, we have strong culture of collaboration between companies and universities. Many stakeholders have participated in the large research programmes like Smart Grid and Energy Markets (SGEM), Efficient Energy Use (EFEU), Flexible Energy System (FLEXe), Carbon Capture and Storage (CCSP) and Sustainable Bioenergy Solutions for Tomorrow (BEST). The Energy Systems Portfolio of CLIC Innovation gathers together the competences through public-private-partnership to achieve the set targets for the activities on the platform.

The Energy Systems Portfolio of CLIC Innovation aims at demonstrating the functioning solutions for scalable and flexible energy system. The target setting includes the following aspects:

  • Resource efficient energy system
  • Solutions for widely electrified society
  • New services to make the management of customers’ energy consumption and production easier
  • Understanding, and scenarios on the market models of different actors in different markets
  • Integration of storage into the energy system.

The Portfolio consists of variety of projects from basic research to R&D and demonstration which support the target setting.

Read more about our Energy Strategy and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

Finland promotes clean sustainable energy solutions in a spirit of openness and co-creation. See how we do it.

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Head of Energy

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Our energy systems project portfolio

Highly Optimized Energy Systems


Flexible customer

VAGE- Improving the value of variable and uncertain power generation in energy systems


Cityzer – services for effective decision making and environmental resilience