Circular bioeconomy refers to an economy that relies on renewable natural resources to produce food, energy, products and services and is the renewable segment of the circular economy.

CLIC’s Bioeconomy activities focus on supporting the development of new, high value fibre- and cellulose-based products. One of the main reasons behind this decision is the growing global need for sustainable materials giving significant rise to new business opportunities.

Bioeconomy SRIA kansi

We have formulated together with the shareholders and associate partners of CLIC, as a joint effort between industry and academia, a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for the Forest-Based Circular Bioeconomy: Added value materials and chemicals from wood fibres. The purpose of the StrategicResearch and Innovation Agenda is to outline the priority areas for joint research and development in wood-fibre-based circular bioeconomy. 

The Bioeconomy SRIA has been updated in November 2023, underscoring a commitment to sustainability and digitalisation in advancing the wood-fibre-based circular bioeconomy.

Four key application areas have been chosen for the basis of our activities:

  • High-performance fibres cover a wide range of technologies and processes which transform raw materials from forest into high-added-value fibres for different end applications  
  • Packaging materials boost increased use of bio-based raw materials and aims at innovative packaging materials with new properties  
  • Biocomposites aim at enabling biocomposites (especially wood-polymer composites) to become a compelling material alternative in the markets currently dominated by plastics and glass fibrebased composites, by developing new, highly performing natural fibre composites 
  • Bio-based chemicals target reduced dependency on fossil-based raw materials by developing high-performance, sustainable wood-based biopolymers and biochemicals. 

CLIC Bioeconomy works as a platform for sharing views between industries and academiaWe manage the portfolio of bioeconomy related projects and prepare national and international RDI projects to implement the joint SRIA. We also influence on innovation environment and feed education with the identified needs of companies. 

You can find descriptions of our on-going projects below. Please also visit the website of our cross-industry ecosystem 4Recycling which aims at tackling plastics challenge by developing recycling technologies for plastics and bio-based solutions to substitute plastics. The ecosystem is open for organisations interested in co-developing solutions for grocery trade, construction sector and for fibre-reinforced plastic components. 

We are committed to work together and are actively inviting other stakeholders to join and participate in the activities that originate from the SRIA.

Join us in leading the way towards a circular bioeconomy!

Contact person:

Aila Maijanen

Aila Maijanen

Head of Bioeconomy, currently Executive Officer for IBC Finland ry

Tel. +358 50 375 1182

Our bioeconomy project portfolio

Value4Pack logo

Value4Pack – Bridging investment opportunities to achieve a resilient European food packaging value chain


Coatings and composites from novel biobased dispersions – COCOBIN

SuperBark logo

SuperBark – Safe, sustainable and high-performance adhesives and coatings from industrial softwood bark

BIO-CCU logo.


4Recycling spearhead 3

Advanced biocomposites with circular design

Food packaging partnership

European Food Packaging Partnership

Engage4BIO logo

Engage4BIO – To strengthen regional bioeconomy value-chains

BIOBoost – Boosting innovation agencies for bioeconomy value chains


4Recycling – Innovation ecosystem targeting at solving the Plastics Challenge


TREASoURcE – Territorial and regional demonstrations of systemic solutions of key value chains and their replication to deploy circular economy


SUSBINCO – Sustainable binders and coatings

Fraction logo, square.

FRACTION – Developing integral fractionation of lignocellulose to produce components for high-value applications

BIOSWITCH – Encouraging Brand Owners to Switch to Bio-Based

BEST – Sustainable bioenergy solutions for tomorrow

New Fibres


New Fiber products