4Recycling is an innovation ecosystem targeting at solving the Plastics Challenge. The ecosystem strives to build new solutions for enhanced recycling of plastics and to develop bio-based materials to replace plastics. The ecosystem is open for organisations interested in finding new business or in building new competences in plastics’ recycling and bio-based alternatives.

4Recycling ecosystem objectives

The aim of the ecosystem is to

  • Create a common Vision and Roadmap to tackle the challenges and to capture the opportunities in plastics’ recycling and bio-based material business.​
  • Facilitate cross-sectoral co-operation to jointly carry our market shaping activities for better operational environment
  • Identify knowledge gaps and prepare needed collaborative RDI projects to fill the gaps.​
  • Connect with selected international actors ​ and collaborators​
  • Collect information on public projects and ​ relevant actors in Europe
4Recycling ecosystem spearheads

4Recycling ecosystem spearheads


Jussi Lahtinen

Jussi Lahtinen

Ecosystem Lead, Circular Bioeconomy 

Tel. +358 40 673 8083