Our associate partner services

Our associate partner services

Do you operate in the areas of bioeconomy, circular economy and new energy solutions?

Are you interested in creating sustainable break through solutions with other companies and academia?

Are you looking for international contacts, new technology, new knowledge, or new business opportunities in the above themes?

Join us as an associate partner and develop sustainable solutions for the global challenges together with the leading companies and research institutions!

Our Associate Partner service package offers you an opportunity:

  • to network with both businesses and academia in Finland, Nordics, Europe, and internationally within and across the industries
  • to get involved in our theme and ecosystem activities (energy, bioeconomy, circular economy, water, 4Recycling, GreenE2)
  • to participate in defining the common strategic research and innovation agenda and in deciding about joint actions
  • to find new ideas and get inspired by others in our CLIC events
  • to network with new innovative start-up and SME companies
  • to take part in CLIC’s facilitated R&D&I project planning
  • to be a member of the consortiums CLIC builds for different projects
  • to utilize CLIC’s support in drafting consortium agreements for projects
  • to get updates on our themes and on the latest financing, project and research opportunities via thematic events and communication (bi-monthly newsletter, website, social media, Sharepoint, Teams)
  • to pilot and use advanced ecosystem management tools

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Associate Partner – yearly fee (VAT 0):

Entity Type and Criteria Fixed Fees
Small company (less than 50 employees, turnover or balance sheet total <10M€) 3.000 €
Midsize company (less than 250 employees, turnover < 50M€ and balance sheet total < 43M€) 6.000 €
Large company (> 250 employees) 18.000 €
Cities and regional development companies 7.500 €
Research institutes 9.000 €

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