CLIC ProjectBooster

CLIC ProjectBooster is a time forced challenge driven innovation project design process


The target of the CLIC ProjectBooster process is to create new challenge driven ideas to solve our systemic challenges. ProjectBooster utilizes online tools and face-to-face workshops to initiate thematic ideations for new projects. The process usually takes 2-3 months. The teams work with cross-sectoral challenges and define research questions. The companies and academia work side-by-side on the challenges at hand. The challenges are initially defined by companies and are based on the industry needs.

In the spring 2024 we will bring topics related to green energy transition, circular economy and bioeconomy to ProjectBooster. Additionally, we will feed R&D&I ideas from GreenE2 and 4Recycling ecosystems into the ProjectBooster process.

Preliminary timetable for ProjectBooster 2024 research pitch events

projectbooster schedule 2024Schedule for 2024

Research pitch info session for researchers and research teams

  • 27.2.2024 at 9 – 11. Register here.

Pitching events

  • Bioeconomy & 4Recycling ecosystem: 14.5.2024 at 13 – 16 (Register here)
    • Theme 1: Open topics based on Bioeconomy SRIA. Read more about CLIC bioeconomy SRIA here.
    • Theme 2: Enabling biodiverse and circular bioeconomy via value-creation
  • Circular economy: 23.5.2024 at 13 – 16 (Register here
    • Theme 1: Increasing the circularity of large industrial side streams
    • Theme 2: Recovery and recycling of critical raw materials
      -EV batteries as an example
    • Theme 3: Open ideas
  • Energy theme & GreenE2 ecosystem: 28.5.2024 at 13 – 16 (Register here)
    • Theme 1: System level effiency: Onshore and offshore wind and solar production in challenging contexts
    • Theme 2: Sector integration: Energy storage & Energy system flexibility/resilience
    • Theme 3: Hydrogen: Developing value chains to reach higher business value
    • Theme 4: Hydrogen, P2X and CCUS: P2X & CCUS

         Read more about energy topics

ProjectBooster is open to all CLIC owner organisations and partners paying the annual partnership fee and companies operating in the 4Recycling or/and GreenE2 ecosystems. We are collaborating this year with flagship companies (“Veturi”) in the process.