Project coordination services

Project coordination is essential for any consortium projects to succeed. We offer tailored project coordination services for projects in energy, circular economy and bioeconomy themes. Please ask for a quote for your consortium’s project coordination needs! The basic project coordination service package includes the following:

  • Organisation of project steering group meetings, including preparation of agendas, meeting arrangements, meeting attendance and minutes.
  • Facilitating dialogue between the consortium partner companies and researchers
  • Organisation of project meetings, including meeting preparation, participation and agreed follow-up tasks
  • Planning and implementing the project’s annual result seminar
  • Creation and management of a web-based and secure project workspace to facilitate internal project communication, document management and information sharing using, e.g., Microsoft Teams or Sharepoint, if needed
  • Monitoring the progress of work packages and managing the project schedule
  • Facilitating interaction and collaboration between work packages
  • Monitoring and managing project risks
  • Guiding, supporting and coordinating the consortium’s project reporting
  • Production of an internal final report of the project in electronic format: design, coordination of content production, editing, illustration, language correction, layout
  • Managing the funding partner liaisons and dialogue
  • Provision of the following tools for practical arrangements and facilitation: e.g., Webropol, Padlet, MIRO

Do you need other support services for ecosystem management, co-creation, project communication, dissemination or exploitation activities? We offer different service packages separately or as a part of project management package for your needs. Ask us for an offer.