The Clean Energy Transition Partnership

The CETPartnership is a multilateral and strategic partnership of national and regional research, development and innovation (RDI) programmes in European Member States and Associated Countries, aiming to boost and accelerate the energy transition and to support the implementation of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan).

The Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP) is a collaborative initiative aimed at accelerating a fair and sustainable transition to clean energy systems. CETP brings together various stakeholders, including developers, researchers, organisations and society to drive cross-sectoral collaboration and innovation within the clean energy sector. The partnership focuses on aligning innovation priorities, pooling resources, and leveraging knowledge and experience to create impactful and transformative outcomes.

CETP’s primary goal is to facilitate the adoption and integration of clean energy technologies, practices, and solutions. The partnership’s work is driven by a commitment to impact, with a focus on achieving real-world transformation in the energy landscape. By fostering collaboration, CETP aims to address complex challenges related to clean energy adoption, market transformation, and sustainable development.

CLIC Innovation’s role in the program

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Contact person:
Hannele Holttinen, RDI lead, Energy Systems, hannele.holttinen@clicinnovation.fi
Tanja Suni Head of Exploitation and Impact, tanja.suni@clicinnovation.fi