BotH2nia integrates industrial hydrogen projects in Scandinavia

One of the results of Project Ideathon was that we need to get different hydrogen actors to discuss with each other on a digital platform, where all hydrogen related projects can be found. Things don’t go forward if we don’t cooperate and have an unanimous message, the subgroup stated. Communication is essential even as we want to avoid overlapping projects and waste of effort.

After that, the City of Raahe managed to activate a great number of public actors that are interested in networking for boosting hydrogen economy. Some of them already attended Project Ideathon, some are new to GreenE2 ecosystem. The team was granted financial support from TEM and it will, among other things, take forward the BotH2nia brand development.

Idea Refinery BotH2nia on Sept 8th will be the next step in this development. The attendees will draw a map on Finnish industrial hydrogen projects. Organizations that now announce their participation in the constantly growing BotH2nia network on the website are Aurelia Turbines, Botnia H2Tec, BusinessOulu/City of Oulu, City of Kokkola, City of Raahe, Convion, Elcogen, Fingrid, Flexens, Fortum, Gasgrid Finland, Helen, Hycamite TCD Technologies, Ilmatar, LUT University, Q Power, P2X Solutions, RISE, SSAB, St1, University of Oulu, VTT and Wärtsilä.

You can become part of this growing network by registering to the upcoming Idea Refinery here.