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BotH₂nia is an international initiative for building a large-scale hydrogen economy around the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea.

BotH₂nia: brand and platform

BotH₂nia network serves as an umbrella brand and collaboration platform for the hydrogen-related initiatives. It will be used for facilitating communication between projects and promoting the hydrogen-related technology and production of the area.

Extending around the Baltic Sea

Even though the core area of the network is the Gulf of Bothnia of the Baltic Sea, the initiative covers a broader area and several countries around the Baltic Sea.

Reliable organisation

The initiative has been launched by  the open innovation ecosystem Green Electrification (GreenE2) led by CLIC Innovation in Finland.

Wide range of businesses

Key areas of the GreenE2 ecosystem include clean hydrogen production and logistics, cross-sectoral value chains, system-level efficiency and support for pioneering companies.

The ecosystem also includes the development of P2X and CCU technologies. P2X, or Power-to-X, is the conversion of electricity into another form of energy – hydrogen, for example – and back into electricity, if necessary. CCU, or Carbon Capture and Utilization, refers to the capture and recovery of carbon dioxide.

The advantages


  • Over 115 GW of new wind energy capacity planned in Finland
  • Plenty of different types of biomass available
  • 3 GW new nuclear power reactors in construction (or planned) to ensure the availability of electricity in future


  • Hydrogen grid proposed to connect hydrogen producers and users as well as for H2 storage
  • Stable power grid and a common market for electricity in the Nordic countries
  • Over 15 international industrial harbours

Users and producers

  • Several large industrial users – from the steel to the fertilizer industry – require hydrogen as an energy carrier and for their processes
  • Multiple bio-product plants provide greenhouse gas (GHG)–neutral CO2 required for the production of synthetic fuels


  • Several companies developing and manufacturing technology for hydrogen production and utilisation
  • Research being carried out in several universities and research institutions in the region


  • Very close public–private cooperation
  • National hydrogen clusters in Finland and Sweden
  • Active collaboration with the EU: European Clean Hydrogen Alliance (ECH2A) and Hydrogen Europe

Watch our kick-off presentations

Watch our kick-off presentations. BotH₂ia was launched with a kick-off seminar on 23 April 2021. You can watch the recording of our kick-off (in Finnish) and read the presentations .

What is hydrogen?

Hydrogen provides us with vast opportunities as an energy carrier. A hydrogen fact sheet (in English) or a hydrogen fact sheet (in Finnish) explains the basics about hydrogen as well as the associated opportunities and challenges.

Contact us

For more information or if you would like to get connected, please contact:

Matti Malkamäki, Member of the Steering Group, Finnish Hydrogen Cluster, tel. +358 50 543 5260,

Minna Näsman, Project Manager of BotH2nia, tel. 040-130 82 32,


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