Looking for new business opportunities with the utilization of industrial side streams?

CLIC Innovation together with its owner companies has been developing and building a Circular Economy Service Platform (CEP) to enable the efficient utilization of the industrial side streams and the commercialization of new value-added applications.  CEP platform has already been developed and tested with large scale industry side streams. We are now looking for partners interested in developing the concept and platform further for their own side-streams or business.

The circular economy offers new opportunities to decrease the environmental impact of material usage by enhancing material life cycles with the circulation of higher value-added products and services. Circular economy is not just about the efficient use and recycling of materials; it requires new economic & business models. These new platform economy models offer increasing opportunities for growth.

Industrial side streams have major economic potential. The challenge is that the streams are usually scattered, and their overall management is missing. This means that potential customers are not reached, i.e. side streams value network is not working effectively. However, by efficient utilization of side streams profitable businesses can be created.

CLIC Innovation is now looking for companies that are interested in developing the CEP business platform further and creating new businesses from industrial side & waste streams. If your company wants to be part of the future transformation, collaborate with partners in an ecosystem and create new value-added cluster, CEP, Circular Economy Service Platform brings you a modular and integrated cloud solution and a base for your new business.

More information about CEP https://clicinnovation.fi/project/cep/

If you are interested please contact Pirjo Kaivos pirjo.kaivos@clicinnovation.fi or Pia Salokoski pia.salokoski@clicinnovation.fi