June 2021 News about Bioeconomy and 4Recycling

New RDI project topics under formulation in CLIC Bioeconomy

The new round of RDI project preparations has started at CLIC by the help of our ProjectBooster process. In Bioeconomy and 4Recycling related topics companies have formulated five Calls for new research ideas and the pitching event for researchers to present their ideas was organized on May 27th. The aim is to identify one or more new RDI project topics in which more detailed project focus and consortia will be built to prepare winning proposals to identified funding instrument nationally or under Horizon Europe. You can find the Calls here. Next, workshops will be organized between companies and researchers on the topics that were of most interest to companies to elaborate the possible project focus jointly. If you are interested in some of the topics, please contact Teija Laitinen Teija.laitinen@clicinnovation.fi and follow the CLIC News on progress.

BIOSWITCH communication materials available to support in your transition from fossil-based to bio-based

BIOSWITCH BBI JU EU project supports European brand owners in switching to bio-based approaches. 📢Have you seen all our communication-type tools yet? As part of the BIOSWITCH Toolbox, we’ve developed a set or materials to support brand owners in the transition from fossil-based to bio-based. All the materials are available for you here. Now, we would like to hear how these materials are serving your needs and which ones you find most useful. Please give us your feedback here!

Save the date September 21st for the BIOSWITCH pan-European online event to meet new brand owners in Europe

BIOSWITCH EU project will bring European brand owners together to build new value chains to switch to bio-based approaches in a pan-European online event on September 21st @2 – 5 pm EET. Event will highlight the views of European brand owners and consumers on switching to bio-based solutions, opens up the world of sustainability assessment in the case of switching and gets you connected with the interesting European partners in the matchmaking session. Save the date from your calendar and follow our or BIOSWITCH news to be among first ones to register!

A new EU-funded Bioeconomy project started in June

A new three-year long BBI JU EU-project called FRACTION started in the beginning of June. The project aim is to provide a competitive lignocellulosic biorefinery concept based on  flexible to adapt and optimize the production process. Wide feedstock and market demand are fluctuating economics and hence overcoming the lignocellulose separation and purification drawbacks is needed. FRACTION covers the whole value chains for each end-of-life option with industrial involvement and engages relevant stakeholders to ensure strong post-project exploitation. The results will be used to develop new flexible pre-treatment technology for several types of biomass. In addition, the new technology and developed business model will be providing sustainable supply chains, improved environmental performance and reductions in separation costs. Consortium consists of 12 partners from 8 countries including CLIC Innovation and VTT as Finnish consortium members. In this project CLIC is responsible for communication and dissemination. For more information, please contact Project Manager Tiina Witikkala: tiina.witikkala@clicinnovation.fi, tel. 050 302 8115.

4Recycling ecosystem started to formulate RDI roadmaps

The ultimate goal for the 4Recycling ecosystem is to create system-solutions to introduce a profitable but sustainable market for plastics recycling and for substitutive biobased materials. We are building a pioneer community to develop new bio-based alternatives to plastics and new plastics recycling technology and solutions. To identify the gaps and needed milestones the work to formulate 4Recycling RDI roadmaps for plastics and bio-based alternatives in grocery trade, construction industry and for fibre reinforced component started in April. The work continues at CLIC and there will be collaborative workshops coming in autumn to continue the work together. Follow the CLIC News!

Aila Maijanen’s blog: What can we learn from an arctic tern to economics of biodiversity?

Recent report Dasgupta Review brings economics of biodiversity into spotlight. The protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems is also an objective of EU taxonomy regulation for sustainable investment to implement the European Green Deal. Transformative change needs breakthrough solutions in bioeconomy, circular economy and energy systems, as well as financial measures to direct investments towards sustainable projects. Read more.

More information: Teija Laitinen, teija.laitinen@clicinnovation.fi