4Recycling presented at CLIC Innovation’s Annual Seminar

CLIC Innovation’s Annual Seminar was held at Congress Center Grand Marina on the 23rd of May 2023 under the theme “Towards sustainable future solutions”. The event was hosted by Anne Raudaskoski from Ethica.

4Recycling was presented in the seminar by Aila Maijanen from CLIC Innovation, who also participated in the panel discussion about the future of bioeconomy. Other participants were Henrikki Liimatainen from University of Oulu, Heikki Ilvespää from UPM and Erik Kolehmainen from MetsäSpring, who also gave presentations in bioeconomy theme along with Marjaana Suorsa from Finnish Forest Industries.  

In the poster exhibition, several 4Recycling related projects were presented: 

  • Engage4BIO aims to strengthen the circular, sustainable bioeconomy, as well as sustainable regional development. This is done by boosting and developing innovative governance models, design thinking, co-creation, training and skills development. TREAsOURcE at CLIC Annual Seminar
  • FRACTION develops a novel integrated biorefinery approach to maximize the purity and quality of lignin and hemicellulose side streams.  
  • Sustainable binders and coatings – SUSBINCO will develop innovations to substitute fossil-based binders and coatings with bio-based alternatives. These are meant to be used in packaging, paints, adhesives, sealants and abrasives.  
  • PlastLIFE is a large national cooperation project to promote the circular economy of plastics. The goal is to have a sustainable circular economy for plastics in Finland by 2035. Treasource poster
  • TREASoURcE aims to initiate a systemic change by developing systemic circular solutions in cities and regions. The themes are currently underutilized or unused plastic waste, end-of-life EV batteries and bio-based waste and side streams.
  • The Helsinki-Uusimaa Circular Valley is a regional initiative that aims to transform the Helsinki-Uusimaa region and Finland into the pinnacle of circular economy by engaging experts, companies, municipalities, research institutes and other organizations.  


The event gathered about 130 visitors from leading companies, research institutes, ministries and other organizations and stakeholders. 


bioeconomy panel

Bioeconomy panel at CLIC Annual Seminar