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Uudenmaan Kiertotalouslaakso – Helsinki-Uusimaa Circular Economy Valley has started

Uudenmaan kiertotalouslaakso – Helsinki-Uusimaa Circular Economy Valley was launched on 9 February. The aim is to bring together the operators in circular economy and develop an ecosystem to boost new ideas in circular future.

During this year, CLIC innovation will arrange several workshops, including one specifically designed for tackling plastics challenges, but also construction and textiles workshops could benefit from plastics professionals’ opinions. The workshops for construction and plastics have been planned to be this year in August and December, respectively.  

The aim of the workshops is to create pilots and experiments to find new possibilities to process or utilize waste and side streams of construction industry, plastics, textiles, food production and waste from electrical and electronic equipment. 

Recording of kick off (in Finnish only) https://youtu.be/oxCnZby9EWI  

For more information, please contact Nina Hurme nina.hurme@clicinnovation.fi