Unlocking Opportunities with CLIC Innovation’s Associate Partner Program 

In the ever-evolving landscape of innovation and sustainability, CLIC Innovation’s Associate Partner Program offers companies a strategic gateway to shape the energy industry’s future. This feature provides insights into associate members’ motivations, objectives, and experiences, with CEO Miko Huomo from 3Flash and Dario Nikzad, Senior Energy Analyst and Forecasting Lead at VaasaETT, sharing their perspectives. 

Why Become an Associate Partner with CLIC Innovation? 

Miko Huomo, CEO of 3Flash, explains, “Our decision to join CLIC Innovation as an associate partner stemmed from our company’s eagerness to play a more active role in the energy industry’s transformation. We recognized the immense potential for collaboration and innovation within the CLIC community. Specifically, we were drawn to the opportunity to participate in renewable energy sources (RES) and hydrogen (H2) development activities, particularly those that involve public funding and networking through CLIC’s cooperative efforts.” 

Dario Nikzad of VaasaETT adds, “We decided to join CLIC Innovation after participating for the second time in a joint project led by CLIC Innovation (‘Hygcel’ at first and now ‘Offgrid H2’).” 

Benefits of Associate Partnership 

While the full extent of benefits is still being explored, Miko and Dario highlight the valuable insights from CLIC’s knowledge base, especially regarding public funding processes. Miko notes, “CLIC’s expertise in this area was highly appealing as we navigate funding applications. We’ve also begun to tap into the extensive network of industry players within CLIC, which has the potential to open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.” 

Dario shares the goal of building solid and lasting cooperation with partner companies in the energy and sustainability sectors. “Moreover,” he adds, “we would like to contribute our knowledge to other joint projects where public and private entities cooperate to achieve common innovative goals.” 

Impact on Product Development and R&D 

Regarding collaborative innovation, Miko acknowledges, “We’re still in the early stages of our collaborative innovation efforts, so it’s too soon to provide a comprehensive evaluation. However, the potential for collaborative R&D projects and knowledge sharing within the CLIC network is promising, and we look forward to the impact this will have on our product development efforts.” 

Dario reflects on the benefits of joining CLIC-led projects in their R&D and service development. “Through HYGCEL, for example, we were able to build a state-of-the-art P2X model that opened up new business streams and customer bases within Finland and abroad.” He suggests more in-person meetings with partner companies to discuss R&D projects, fostering open discussions and new collaborations. 

CLIC Innovation’s Associate Partner Program provides a platform for companies to participate actively in the energy industry’s evolution, access valuable resources, and engage in collaborative ventures. As the energy sector advances, partnerships like these will be instrumental in driving innovation and sustainability. Collaboration is not merely advantageous; it is often vital for a company’s survival and growth. By joining CLIC Innovation, firms can harness collective innovation, amplify their influence, and remain at the forefront of the energy industry’s transformation. Collaborative endeavors drive industry progress, and CLIC offers the gateway to these invaluable collaborative opportunities.