Uudenmaan Kiertotalouslaakso

The pre-study of the Uusimaa Circular Valley has highlighted the potential of the circular economy in the region

Lots of potential to develop circular economy further in the Uusimaa region

The Uusimaa Circular Valley pre-study (Uudenmaan kiertotalouslaakso) will be completed at the end of November. Through the interviews and workshops, a common view of the strengths and development potential has been created. The results obtained will be utilized in the actual implementation project.

During the project, three workshops have been organized, in which the vision, mission and target state of the circular valley have been created, common challenges have been identified and roadmaps prepared to solve the challenges. CLIC has been responsible of the workshops and Playbook tools & processes have been used in this project.

Common areas of strength in the circular economy in Uusimaa include construction, plastics, textiles, and food.

The project team is currently preparing a plan for the implementation phase financing and execution. The aim of the project is to strengthen the already ongoing circular economy activities, implement concrete pilot projects and enable the emergence of new business. Activation of SMEs is important. Resident involvement and effective communication are central. The aim is to make the Helsinki-Uusimaa region a forerunner in the circular economy.

The implementation of the circular valley is planned to start next spring with the support of the EAKR funding and cities and municipalities.

Green Net Finland, VTT, CLIC Innovation and HSY have been responsible for the pre-study.

Read more (in Finnish) https://kiertotalouslaakso.gnf.fi

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