SUSBINCO : A new boost for the forest industry – Interview of Professor Chunlin Xu in Tekniska Föreningen i Finland

Han vill ge skogsindustrin ett nytt lyft” – In the face of digitalization’s impact on paper demand, the Finnish forest industry confronts challenges. Professor Chunlin Xu, leading a research team at Åbo Akademi University, is on a mission to rejuvenate the sector by transforming bark, lignin, and sawdust into innovative products.

This exclusive article in Tekniska Föreningen i Finland unveils the heart of the SUSBINCO project, spearheaded by Åbo Akademi and coordinated by CLIC Innovation, with UPM, a major player in the Finnish forest industry, as a key partner. Discover how sustainable solutions in coatings and binders are shaping the future of the Finnish forest industry, propelling it into a greener, more resilient era.

Read the article here, in Swedish.


Aila Maijanen

Aila Maijanen

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