“Rare earth and magnets hub for a resilient Europe“ project enters GAP phase

REMHub “Rare earth and magnets hub for a resilient Europe“ project application prepared by CLIC Innovation has been approved for EU Horizon Europe financing “HORIZON-CL4-2024-RESILIENCE-01-08”.

CLIC is the coordinating partner for this project. The project is now entering the grant agreement preparation (GAP) process. This 16 millionproject consists of 25 partners from Finland, Spain, Estonia, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, and Ireland.

The project will develop and test novel technologies for exploration and primary production of rare earths, recovering rare earths from side streams as well as recycling permanent magnets. In addition, the project will develop technologies for enabling traceability or REEs and permanent magnets in EU and methodologies for design of electric motors enabling recycling of permanent magnets with reduced use of HREEs.

The target of the project is to create a cutting-edge digital innovation hub propelling EU excellence for Rare Earth Elements and permanent magnets offering diverse services in REE.  

REMHub consortium