New business from industrial side streams – CEP Circular Economy Service Platform (CEP)


The significance of circular economy is increasing globally as natural resources
are diminishing and waste amounts are growing. Businesses in many sectors are
facing the challenge of resource scarcity. Hence waste should be treated as a
valuable resource.

Circular economy is not just about the efficient use and recycling of materials; it
involves wholly new economic model

Industries already applies many circular economy principles. Next step is to
reduce significantly wastes gone to landfills and maximize the value of recovered
side streams.

Side streams have major economic potential. The challenge is that the streams
are scattered and their overall management is missing. This means that potential
customers are not reached, i.e. side streams value network is not working

However, efficient utilization of side streams and the commercialization of new
value add applications represent a major opportunity to the industries ecosystems.


To build ‘One Stop Service for CE Clusters and new businesses’ which

  • Acts as a market integrator in new innovations support mechanisms
  • Brings together cost-efficiently existing and future solutions
  • Combines critical mass enabling investments for new business opportunities
  • Prevents silos between different parties and enhances commercializing of innovations
  • Enables continuous development and resource efficiency
  • Maximizes added value of reuse and enhances objectives of circular economy
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