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Projects as the main tool for growing capabilities in GreenE2 ecosystem

Emphasis of ecosystem activities this spring will be on the development of focus area capabilities through project building. There are several calls opening both nationally and on EU level that can be addressed jointly by ecosystem members. CLIC is building a Nordic network to facilitate finding project partners for international calls and several ecosystem members are active in national and European hydrogen networks. That gives us an excellent starting point for project preparations.

Quite recently, one new project application has been submitted. Hydrogen and Carbon Value Chains in Green Electrification finally chose HYGCEL as its acronym. Another co-innovation project application is being written. The project tackling the challenge “Electrification and Energy Efficiency of Industrial Processes” is at the time being called “Electrification of industrial heating processes and participation in volatile energy market”.

The ongoing project HOPE (Highly Optimized Energy System) has triggered so much interest that there are even plans for a sister project that would tackle the challenge of low temperature district heating. Contact us at CLIC if you are in that business or know what to research to take that topic scientifically further.

However, even more ideas and project consortia are being sought. Therefore, even the Green Electrification ecosystem’s focus in April will be on CLIC’s Project Booster.

The most important thing in successful projects is innovation. Innovation occurs when stakeholders with different contexts meet. Therefore, Green Electrification ecosystem is strengthening CLIC’s Project Booster by arranging two new events in relation to it. The aim of the Nordic pitch event for green electrification solution providers is to make it easier to find project partners. The aim of the ecosystem workshop 6, “Project Ideathon”, arranged right after the Project Booster, is to create innovative project concepts and project consortia in an agile way.