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ProjectBooster topics published and info session recording available

ProjectBooster is divided into separate pitch sessions for our three themes (energy, bioeconomy and circular economy) including ecosystems (GreenE2 and 4Recycling) and additional cross-cutting theme, urban sustainable solutions.

Info session recording

We organized an info session for researchers, where we explained the process in more detail and introduced the topics for this year.

Watch the March 9 info session here.

Topics for 2023

  • Energy theme & GreenE2 ecosystem: 17.4.2023. Register here.
    • Topics:
      1. Storage of electricity, heat, H2, CO2 and P2X fuels
      2. Safety and security in H2 production, lgistics and utilisation
      3. Hydrogen in city solutions
      4. Catalytic processes P2X solutions
      5. Carbon capture, utilisation and storage
      6. Improving resilience of transmission and distribution grids
      7. Power to People
      8. Data analytics and modelling for energy systems
      9. Raw materials and rare metals
      10. Open ideas from researchers
    • For more details for what the topics could include, see presentation here.
  • Bioeconomy & 4Recycling: 20.4.2023. Register here.
    • Topics
      1. Open topic based on Bioeconomy SRIA
      2. Fiber materials of future
      3. Packaging
      4. Renewable binders, coatings and bio-based glues
  • Circular economy: 25.4.2023. Register here.
    • Topics
      1. Security of supply – Improving society’s resilience with the help of circular economy
      2. Future directions of packaging materials – Technical and sustainability aspects
      3. Open idea – Link to CE SRIA
  • Cross-cutting themes and Urban solutions: 27.4.2023. Register here
    • Topics
      1. Hydrogen in city solutions
        • Electrolyzers (water, waste heat)
        • Symbiosis between cities and industries
        • Sector integration in urban environment
      2. Measurements and monitoring
        • Technologies for acquisition, monitoring and analysis of data
      3. Circularity in sustainable cities
        • Recycling of materials, waste & energy
      4. Societal impact of the green transition
        • Balancing urban / rural gap

ProjectBooster is open to all CLIC owner organizations and partners paying the annual partnership fee and companies operating in the 4Recycling or/and GreenE2 ecosystems.

For more information about ProjectBooster, click here. With any questions about the process, do not hesitate to reach out to Tiina Laiho, head of services and communications.

Tiina Laiho

Head of Services and Communication

Tel. + 358 400 854 888