water pipes


CLIC Innovation is preparing a large cross-sectoral water management project in cooperation with companies and research institutes.

The main goal of the project is to improve water intensive processes by reducing the amount of uptake water, enhancing the recirculation of process waters, and minimizing the amount and effect of effluents discharged. Digitization and data management are themes that unite all the sectors involved.

The project deals with the following themes:

  • Regulation, sustainability, and responsibility
  • Closed water loops in industry
  • Microplastic detection in water
  • Measuring, monitoring, and digital solutions
  • Project synthesis and systemic solutions

The goal is to submit a co-innovation project application to Business Finland during May 2024.

For more information, contact

Pia Salokoski, pia.salokoski@clicinnovation.fi
Pirjo Kaivos, pirjo.kaivos@clicinnovation.fi
Kim Tervonen, kim.tervonen@clicinnovation.fi