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Off-grid electrolyzer optimization

Several Discussions with industry and academia partners have been organized for developing a collaboration project around the topic of optimizing the off-grid electrolyzers.

The concept was first presented during CLIC Innovation ProjectBooster in April 2022.

The main goals of the project are:

  • increasing the know-how on off-grid electrolyzer technology
  • to create novel solutions around the ways of integrating renewable energy sources with hydrogen production
  • to investigate the market potential of the invented solutions

CLIC welcomes all parties interested in seamless integration of renewable energy systems and off-grid green hydrogen production, to join the project and to contribute towards the breakthrough innovations for enabling Hydrogen economy in Finland.

If interested in joining, please contact Merie or Kim.

Kim Tervonen

Kim Tervonen

RDI Manager, Energy systems

Tel. +358 50 547 2457