HYGCEL – Hydrogen and Carbon Value Chains in Green Electrification

HYGCEL public research project is led by LUT University, together with Tampere University and University of Eastern Finland. The total budget of the HYGCEL-project is over 10 M€.

HYGCEL background

Climate change mitigation actions and the rapid technology development enable the transition from fossil fuels to green energy. The most significant driver of change will be the production of green electricity and hydrogen. This change is driven by regulation and the economy and requires changes in infrastructure. Implementing change also requires proactive action in a timely manner.

The project preparation started from CLIC ProjectBooster pitch event.

HYGCEL objectives

The public research in the Hydrogen and Carbon Value Chains in Green Electrification, HYGCEL-project, investigates this energy system change at the system level. The research aims to identify Finland’s competitive edges and provide practical instructions for building new infrastructure.

The study has two objectives:

  1. a) to find out how this new infrastructure should be built in an optimal way, and
  2. b) which value chains will be best suited for Finland. Value chains are examined simultaneously from three different perspectives: 1) market and regulation, 2) techno-economy, and 3) sustainability and safety.

Work content

HYGCEL work packages

HYGCEL partners

HYGCEL consortium

The consortium consists of companies ABB, St1, Sumitomo SHI FW energy, Gasgrid Finland, Fingrid and Vaasa ETT with their own projects. Companies UPM, Valmet, Gasum and Finnsementti are supporting public research . 5thInnovation, Bakelite, FennoSteel are participating in kind. The consortium is coordinated by CLIC Innovation.

We are now looking for interested companies and organizations to join the preparation for  next phase of the project based on results from HYGCEL.


For more information about the project, contact:
Mari Tuomaala, LUT Universitymari.tuomaala@lut.fi
Merie Kannampuzha, CLIC Innovation, merie.kannampuzha@clicinnovation.fi