Playbook – open innovation ecosystem project final seminar shared experiences

Learnings and findings from open innovation ecosystem research were shared

Playbook project final seminar gathered an active online audience interested in learning and hearing more about experiences around open innovation. The project was lead by CLIC Innovation in co-operation with VTT and University of Vaasa.

The event was hosted by Jatta Jussila, CEO of CLIC Innovation, who early on described the challenges organizations are facing with open innovation. The project idea was initiated already in 2019, when several CLIC owner organizations came together to discuss the challenges and solutions.

Tiina Laiho, head of services &communications, lead the 2-year development project and continued with the definitions for the open innovation and ecosystem terms. VTT, research manager Katri Valkokari eloborated about the different roles in the ecosystem management. Jaakko Paasi, VTT, principal scientist, divided into the challenges of IPR-management in open innovation ecosystems. Helena Rusanen, researcher at University of Vaasa, shared experiences and findings from the project research, where 13 different ecosystems were interviewed about open innovation topics.

Experiences from organizations working with open innovation

Markku Leskelä, VP of product development and innovation at MetsäGroup shared their experiences working with open innovation ecosystems. He stated that with collaborating with ecosystems “When we do things together, it generates unforeseen ideas and solutions”. Finally, Minna Näsman, head of energy at CLIC Innovation raised some challenges with open innovation and shared solutions.

The recordings and materials from the event can be downloaded here  Playbook closing seminar 28 09 2021

The event closed a 2-year development project financed by Business Finland. The Playbook tools and services are available at

The development of tools and services is continuing at CLIC Innovation with the support of ELY-financing for next 2 years.

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