Theme “Wide sector coupling in cities with surroundings” developed into “Carbon negative living as a service”

Energy Communities as new kinds of legal bodies and cities as enablers of development of carbon negative solutions are two cornerstones in the project idea Carbon Negative Living as a Service.

The idea was initially to demonstrate as wide sector coupling as possible – a coupling of not just energy networks but even other economic sectors like waste management, transport, agriculture and industry. To direct thoughts to some specific geographical space, cities with their surrounding countryside were chosen as the demonstration platform. Hiedanranta area in Tampere surfaced as “The Place” with an interest to pilot solutions that integrate several economic sectors in a way that use both materials and energy more effectively than today.

Right now, the idea is to demonstrate a future energy community – the kind of a body that will become common in the near future. The idea is that in that community, the inhabitants can get all the services they need for carbon negative living from a “one stop shop”.

To make this happen, a lot needs to happen behind the scenes. The City of Tampere has shown dedication to such planning in Hiedanranta already for some time and there’s a “problem owner”,  Hiedanranta Development Company. In the coming workshop, their development ideas will be presented, together with research ideas from the Universities of Oulu, Tampere and Vaasa.

Especially real estate investors, infrastructure and logistic planners and construction companies are needed to realize this project idea. Smart and renewable energy system providers are just as crucial. In Hiedanranta, they can pilot new kinds of value chains, built on new technological solutions.

You can still register for this 26.8.2021 (9am-4 pm) event here. Welcome to build carbon negative living solutions with our GreenE2 ecosystem.