NanoH2 – Project Proposal – Business Finland-China collaboration

University of Vaasa is preparing China-Finland R&D collaboration project with Business Finland and Zhejiang Science & Technology Commission, entitled “Nano-structured sorption composites development for hydrogen storage (NanoH2)”. Prof. Hannu Laaksonen, Assoc. Prof. Miadreza Shafiekhah and Assoc. Prof. Xiaoshu Lu are the main contributors from the University of Vaasa.

NanoH2 focuses on development of the hydrogen storage test module, e.g., using nanostructured sorption composites and high surface area colloidal nano-catalysts. In addition, this project provides cost-benefit analysis among different alternative solutions based on the storage assets. It contains parallel activities, which include laboratory scale PEM-electrolyser, fuel cell and hydrogen storage experimental research, mathematical modelling and demonstration site preparation.

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