FRACTION outstanding performance of GVL-based fractionation

The newest project called FRACTION at 4Recycling ecosystem started in June 2021. The aim of this BBI JU funded EU project is to provide a competitive lignocellulosic biorefinery concept based on flexible adaption and to optimize the production process.

FRACTION covers the whole value chains for each end-of-life option with industrial involvement and engages relevant stakeholders to ensure strong post-project exploitation. The results will be used to develop new flexible pre-treatment technology for several types of biomasses.  

Consortium consists of 12 partners from 8 countries including CLIC Innovation and VTT as Finnish consortium members. In this project CLIC is responsible for communication and dissemination. 

New webpages are open at and the social media accounts are in Twitter and in LinkedIn. Join FRACTION´s newsletter list for latest news. 

For more information, please contact Project Manager Tiina Witikkala:, tel. +358 50 302 8115.