Cross-border partnership to support the development of highly innovative and sustainable cross-sectoral industrial value chains turning organic waste into value (CROSS2WASTE)

CROSS2WASTE aims to change the way in which waste is perceived as being a problem to being a solution for a more sustainable and circular economy. To this end, CROSS2WASTE will support European SMEs with innovative waste valorisation technologies to turn the waste or residuals of traditional sectors like agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and food into new applications for other sectors, such as packaging, fashion, construction, cosmetics etc.

CROSS2WASTE aims to do so by building an open collaboration space, catalysing the creation of cross-border or cross-sectoral value chains, while at the same time providing a stepwise and comprehensive innovation support program that enables efficiently and optimally validate these new value chains and bring them closer to the market.

CROSS2WASTE consortium has 11 partners from 9 European countries and the first stage proposal is submitted to H2020 EC INNOSUP.

More information: Teija Laitinen