New addition to CLIC staff: meet Jussi!

Jussi Lahtinen started at CLIC on 1 November as Ecosystem Lead, Circular Bioeconomy. Get to know Jussi!

“Let’s start with a bit more personal introduction: I live with my family in a small village in Pälkäne municipality, about 130 km north from Helsinki. We live in a 117 year old house, which is also my money & spare time drain – and beloved hobby. I’d say that it is also my personal circular economy project – as we do our best to use only traditional, natural materials in the never-ending renovation.

Work & education wise, I previously worked for VTT a bit under five years as a Senior scientist focusing on sustainable packaging, circular economy, and more lately on systemic change in packaging and packaging reuse. My dearest topic is packaging reuse – I’ve been leading a BF funded 4everPack project for the past few years and just submitted the following project proposal to business Finland. Generally speaking, I am a packaging person, but lately I’ve been focusing on various other topics too and for the past year, I have also led a EU project focusing on circular bioeconomy.

Before VTT I worked at Fazer bakeries as a Senior specialist on packaging development and there I gained insights on the “reality” of the packaging industry and food producing industry. Before Fazer, I graduated as a M.Sc. on Paper converting and packaging technology from Tampere. During my studies I spent some time abroad as a researcher as well as worked on different paper mills.

What really drives me at work is being able to work with motivated people to make the future more sustainable – it is a bit of a cliché but an important motivator – there is so much we can do to ditch the old bad habits, systems & false believes and hopefully this is something I am able to continue to do herein CLIC with the beautiful CLIC team! I truly believe that we need to make a huge transition in the way we consume in order to save some planetary resources for the future generations to come.”

Jussi with his children
Jussin perhe
Jussi Lahtinen

Jussi Lahtinen

Ecosystem Lead, Circular Bioeconomy 

Tel. +358 40 673 8083