New addition to CLIC staff: meet Ira Hanf!

Ira Hanf started at CLIC on 15 January as Senior RDI Advisor. Get to know Ira!

“I am Ira Hanf, a passionate advocate for sustainable development. With my business background, I bring a distinctive perspective to sustainability, combining financial and strategic experience with environmental understanding. I am excited to join the CLIC team to drive impactful change and promote a sustainable future.

After graduating with an MSc (econ.) majoring in accounting, I started my career in business administration at the turn of the millennium in Germany, where I lived for four years. I first worked for ThyssenKrupp, an industrial company, and later joined PricewaterhouseCoopers as a corporate finance consultant. I worked there for over 10 years, first in Germany and later in Finland, specializing in company valuations.

About a decade ago, due to personal interest, I started to focus professionally on sustainability aspects and obtained a position in Metso’s sustainability team. From there, I moved to HSY’s waste management department as a business development manager. My role was to support and contribute to the shift from landfill-based models to waste recovery by defining, planning, and executing related development projects. I was for example involved in the initiation and implementation of the EU-funded CircHubs project.

In my most recent role, I have been involved in launching and developing a new consulting business around strategic advisory services with a focus on the circular economy. I have had the opportunity to work with numerous public and private organizations around various circular economy themes. I strongly believe that companies that rethink their strategies, business models and operations can adapt to rapid change and make a significant impact on a more sustainable future.

Ira Hanf

In my leisure time, you will find me enjoying the outdoors, especially with my faithful canine companion. I love spending time in nature, picking berries and mushrooms, hiking, riding and jogging. Besides nature, animals are also close to my heart. I volunteer for a rescue organization for cats and dogs. Currently, we serve as foster parents for two cats. I furthermore enjoy all forms of creative activities, such as oil painting and drawing animal portraits with pastels. With my German husband we are also proud to be the parents of two wonderful teenage boys.”