Interested in replacing TiO2? Join the consortium.

CLIC is supporting Aalto University to prepare a co-innovation project Cellulose-based opacifiers to replace TiO2. The specific target is to investigate the possibility of partly or completely replace TiO2 as an opacifier using cellulose. This initiative has gained interest from international and national companies.

TiO2 was classified as a category 2 suspected carcinogen by inhalation under EU Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008. In addition, production of titanium dioxide causes huge CO2 emissions. Also, wastewater pollution to the sea in open pit mining constitutes environmental challenges.   

In the co-innovation project which is targeted to be submitted by the end of February 2022, the consortium aims to investigate the possibilities of various cellulose derivatives in reaching optical and light scattering properties to replace TiO2 in, e.g., coatings, paints or cosmetics. Cellulose-based opacifier replacement could disrupt the currently TiO2 -using industries with user safe, sustainable and low-cost wood-based alternative to TiO2.  

If you see this project interesting, please contact Juha Lipponen, Aalto University.