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GreenE2 Annual Seminar: Panel Discussion

GreenE2 Annual Seminar brought together a panel of experts to address one of our era’s most critical challenges: the pursuit of a climate-neutral energy future. The panel, moderated by Risto Sormunen, featured Riitta Keiski from the University of Oulu, Lars Peter Lindfors from Neste Oyj, Jarmo Heinonen from Business Finland, and Jatta Jussila from CLIC Innovation Oy.
Annual Seminar Panel.

Panel Insights: Catalyzing the energy transition

The discussion at the GreenE2 Annual Seminar delved into the urgent and complex nature of the energy transition, underscoring the critical need for research, development, and innovation. Riitta Keiski stressed the importance of ethical considerations and sustainability in research. At the same time, Lars Peter Lindfors shared Neste’s transformative journey toward renewable energy, highlighting the crucial role of curiosity, courage, competence, and collaboration. Jarmo Heinonen emphasized the pivotal role of public-private partnerships in fostering innovation, and Jatta Jussila called for cross-sectoral collaboration to achieve broader environmental and societal goals.

During the seminar, panelists identified several key challenges, each underscoring the complexity of the energy transition. These challenges include the need for a regulatory environment that supports, rather than stifles, innovation and the importance of maintaining technological neutrality to ensure all potential solutions are explored. The conversation also highlighted the essential role of international cooperation and the integration of diverse perspectives to accelerate the transition.

Conclusion: A unified path forward

The GreenE2 Annual Seminar underscored a collective imperative: to embrace innovation, collaboration, and strategic action to pursue a climate-neutral energy future. The panelists’ insights highlighted the complexities of the energy transition and charted a course toward a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient world. As we move forward, it’s clear that achieving climate neutrality will require the concerted efforts of all sectors of society, united in their commitment to a greener tomorrow.