Greetings from GreenE2 Annual Forum

GreenE2 Annual Forum was arranged on Friday, 2 December physically at Eteläranta 10 auditorium.

GreenE2 ecosystem annual event was opened by keynote speaker professor Peter Lund, Aalto University on global view on energy transition. Peter pointed out that there is now a shift towards “climate driven transition toward business-driven transition” as costs are decreasing. The new renewable energy accounts for 10 % of global electricity at the moment. Irena and IEA estimate that by 2050 solar & wind will amount up to 70 % of world’s electricity.

In Europe, the expectation is that by 2030 the new technology take up will happen. Quantum computing and digitalization 2.0 bring new opportunities for example to optimization of energy usage. Efficiency is extremely important in Finland’s energy transition, and we need to think about circular economy solutions in this too.

There are many possible pathways but a large systemic challenge: needed long term infrastructure plans/execution, socially just transition, carbon pricing mechanism, huge systemic problem ahead involves coordination countless number of individual voluntary decisions on investment, consumption, and behaviour in EU. We need to a lot of electricity for the transition, and it needs to be cheap electricity.

Kimmo Siira shared experiences from India about their net zero transition path. India is 3rd biggest emitter of carbon dioxide. India is however ambitious with their domestic green transition targets. For example, they target to increase renewable energy production by 500 GW by 2030 mostly solar (currently 67 GW), increased use of electric cars in private and commercial use etc.

Riitta Silvennoinen from ST1 presented the HYGCEL project that has been built within the GreenE2 ecosystem with CLIC as consortium coordinator. Riitta gave insights on how they as company see the benefits of the project. ST1 is building first synthetic methanol production unit in Lappeenranta and Riitta explained about importance of building the right “puzzle pieces” locally for the big picture for the local energy ecosystem too.

Esko Juuso from University of Oulu introduced HOPE project (highly optimized energy systems). In the project they have wide network of different research organizations and universities. The project is investigating and doing research on overall energy systems from different point of view (predicting, monitoring, storage etc.). Markku Ohenoja, also from University of Oulu, shared insights from Bio-CCU project, where they are looking to replace fossil carbon in chemical industries without addition of carbon to the carbon cycle. The project has just started so we are looking forward to results.

Heidi Ahoniemi from Helen and Tuomo Rinne from P2X Solutions introduced the company perspectives and future plans about sector integration at Helen and power-to-X and CCU development at P2X Solutions.

Minna Rajainmäki from Rodinia went through the process and end products of GreenE2 communications narratives and products. The brand-free material will be available here soon.

Sirja-Leena Penttinen from University of Eastern Finland and Tulane University reviewed the Inflation Reduction Act, a  US regulation instrument that has caused a heated discussion in Europe about the practicality of EU regulation instruments, due to IRA being relatively simple and easy to understand.

Finally, Pia Salokoski, Head of Energy at CLIC Innovation, showed a first glimpse to the ecosystem’s brand new market shaping action plans and RDI roadmaps.

All material from the event is available here.