Forward-looking the possibilities of digitalization and sustainable development in the strategic research and innovation agenda for bioeconomy

In November 2020, in collaboration with stakeholders, we launched the new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for the Forest-Based Circular Bioeconomy at CLIC Innovation. The agenda focused on added-value materials and chemicals from wood fibres and outlined the priority areas for joint research and development in the wood-fibre-based circular bioeconomy.

Companies in the CLIC network identified four key application areas, i.e., high-performance fibres, packaging materials, biocomposites and bio-based chemicals. The strategic agenda provided an excellent roadmap for the Forest-Based  Circular  Bioeconomy  during  the  past  few  years.

However, quite recently, there have been many discussions among the theme group  of the possible impacts of digitalization and sustainable development and regulations related to these phenomena. Therefore, we  have decided to reflect and possibly adjust future activities regarding the possible impacts of digitalization and sustainable development in the SRIA.

The  Bioeconomy Theme  Group will update the SRIA between April and June, focusing on identifying selected topics related to holistic sustainability that should be prioritized in research and innovation to support the growth of the green economy and the bioeconomy industry. Additionally, we will define priorities and focus areas for digital tools and technologies that can enhance research, development, and innovation processes for specific business areas. The update aims to identify key opportunities for research and innovation in the bioeconomy sector and provide guidance for sustainable growth and development.

We will carry out two consecutive surveys and a workshop to process the results, which will be documented in an additional text to the existing SRIA paper. We encourage everyone to participate in the surveys to help us shape the future of the bioeconomy industry.

Link to survey:

Save the date for the workshop: 26 May at 8.30 – 10.30.

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