CLIC Innovation’s GreenE2 Ecosystem and the Path to Systemic Transformation 

Enter CLIC Innovation’s GreenE2 ecosystem—a testament to our unwavering dedication to shaping a sustainable energy future.

CLIC Innovation’s GreenE2 Ecosystem and the Path to Systemic Transformation 

In a world grappling with mounting environmental challenges, the need for innovation in the energy sector has never been more pressing. Enter CLIC Innovation’s GreenE2 ecosystem—a testament to our unwavering dedication to shaping a sustainable energy future. But we have got our sight set even higher. Recognizing the need to maximize our impact, we are embarking on a journey that throws open the doors of our innovation ecosystem, inviting stakeholders to the table to usher in systemic transformation. 

 Making Sense of “Impact” in GreenE2 

Before we dive into the details, let’s talk about impact. In CLIC Innovation, impact is not just a buzzword: it is all about creating real change—a transformation of the energy system, to be precise. In GreenE2, impact takes a dual path: 

Exploitation: This is about the commercialization of innovative energy technologies or solutions, ensuring market viability, sustainability, and intellectual property protection. It also includes market entry strategies, forming partnerships and value chains, and securing investments for financial growth. An important step in exploitation is increasing the technological and societal readiness of solutions: progressing innovations from laboratory research to real-world environments, ensuring they are both technologically and societally prepared for practical application, and addressing broader societal needs and acceptance. 

Societal Impact and Sustainability: In GreenE2, our solutions are more than just cutting-edge tech; they are responding to the great planetary crises. We measure our impact on climate action, preserving biodiversity, and a cleaner environment leading to better public health. Our value chains are based on circularity and digitalization, which translates to resource and energy efficiency and a reduced reliance on pristine natural resources. Our solutions will also impact social equity and inclusivity by ensuring that the green transition reaches all segments of society and reflects the diverse values of nature. Addressing social equity concerns fosters a more inclusive and diverse market ecosystem.​ 

 How Does GreenE2 Make an Impact? 

However, systemic transition problems are typically related to complex and interacting societal, economic, and environmental challenges. Addressing systemic transformation involves more than just innovation at the product level. It requires input from multiple stakeholders, including government, academia, industry, and civil society. ​The Quadruple Helix approach emphasizes the involvement of all four of these sectors to drive systemic change.​ 

To achieve our green energy goals, we must understand the policy and market spaces. Both exploitation and societal impact require identifying policy and market barriers and incentives. GreenE2 aims to co-design the regulatory and policy spheres together with the Quadruple Helix stakeholders to accelerate the transition to a clean energy system. Identification of regulatory barriers and promoting incentives and, when possible, innovative regulatory sandboxes can influence market dynamics and make sure that clean energy solutions are affordable and available for all. This Market Shaping has already begun in GreenE2 with identification of major market and policy obstacles.  

The TRANSFORM Section in the CLIC Innovation Ecosystem Playbook 

To support open innovation and systemic transformation, CLIC Innovation is introducing a new section in the Ecosystem Playbook: TRANSFORM. This cross-cutting section underpins all three ecosystem stages – EXPLORE, BUILD, and GROWTH – and ensures a drive towards systemic transformation, engaging the Quadruple Helix partners in a collective effort to reshape our energy future. 

In conclusion, CLIC Innovation’s GreenE2 initiative is not just about innovation; it’s about reshaping our energy landscape in a way that considers environmental, societal, and economic challenges. By embracing open innovation and the Quadruple Helix approach, CLIC Innovation is taking significant steps towards achieving the systemic transformation needed for a sustainable future. 

This journey won’t be without its challenges, but with dedication, collaboration, and a commitment to innovation, the GreenE2 initiative represents a significant stride on our path to a cleaner, more sustainable world. 

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