BIOSWITCH tools for supporting bio-based transition available for you

BIOSWITCH EU project supports European brand owners in their bio transition. The “toolbox” the project has developed is now available on the website for you. Go to see the supporting communication materials including success cases, event concepts for value chain building, as well as get to know the sustainability assessment tool.

The BIOSWITCH  websit collects the toolbox for you. Bio-based readiness self-assessment test helps you to understand at which stage you  are in transition from fossil-based to bio-based approaches. The wide variety of communication materials offers you, for example, views to the success cases of companies who have done the bioswitch, views to the experienced barriers, risks and motivations of European brand owners in switching to bio-based solutions as well as tools for open innovation. In addition, the website has a specific section that gathers relevant information on other European initiatives to support your bioswitch.   

In case you want to have a deeper view to the results of the surveys done with European brand owners on their bio-based transition perceptions, please visit the section for reports to find out the dedicated deliverables.

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