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4Recycling ecosystem was presented in the Ministry of the Environment seminar

“Construction plastics for recycling” – seminar (Rakentamisen muovit kiertoon! -seminaari) was organized by the Ministry of Environment on Tuesday, 15 November 2022. The event was held in Finnish.

In the beginning of the seminar Neste, Lamor and Borealis presented their solutions on how they are facing the plastic challenge. Finnfoam presented their solution where left over material is collected and reproduced to new materials. In RAMPOproject they studied the use of recycled plastics and its recyclability. One of the main findings was that the paper stickers in plastic coverings of construction plastics are resulting into breaks in the reproduction phase.  

Aila Maijanen and Tiina Witikkala from CLIC Innovation presented the 4Recycling ecosystem and especially the third focus area of the ecosystem (plastics and composites in construction). The RDI and market shaping roadmaps of this focus area received good feedback.

In the presentation, the main focus was in the research and development topics, which are  

  • Recycling technologies of multimaterial construction plastics 
  • Recycling of biocomposites  or product including a biobased component 
  • Recycling system and infrastucture for construction plastics 
  • Biobased components for construction industry 
  • The use of recycled materials in construction sector 

Facilitating development of an enabling business environment 

With the market shaping activities 4Recycling is aiming to create and support the formation of more favorable business environment. We need key stakeholders and value chain actors to cooperate and influence the identified topics to ensure faster market entry for innovations. Market shaping approach helps companies and ecosystem actors to produce a common roadmap and an implementation plan for the necessary activities, possible and feasible to influence and develop in the markets and operational environment.    

For the construction plastics, market shaping is needed, for example, for shaping regulation and matching supply with the demand of the whole value chain, creating a supportive environment for investments and demonstrations. Actions to solve these can be, for example, promoting innovative public procurement, LCA and mass balance calculations, co-development with end product manufacturers and supporting companies in applying for financing for new demonstrations and investments. 

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For more information, contact Tiina Witikkala, tiina.witikkala@clicinnovation.fi.