MMEA – Measurement Monitoring and Environmental Efficiency Assessment

The Measurement, Monitoring and Environmental Efficiency Assessment (MMEA) research program aims at groundbreaking developments in environmental monitoring technologies, tools and services. The focus is on 1) new on-line & remote sensing technologies, 2) interoperable environmental observation systems, 3) management systems for environmental efficiency – thus covering the whole value chain from sensors to environmental efficiency services. Further, the program includes 4) testing and demonstrating the results in the MMEA Testbed, and 5) implementing pilots that integrate monitoring and environmental efficiency tools between the MMEA Work Packages and with other CLEEN programs, with the other Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation (SHOKs), and with international research collaborators.

The backbone of the MMEA program is the MMEA Platform (Framework – Testbed – Envitori). MMEA Platform is an essential tool in developing the main deliverables of the program and is needed by the other work packages. MMEA Platform enable systemic change in environmental monitoring since the system can accept new kind of data providers through embedded billing and data quality services. The key outcome of the system will be information on the environmental efficiency of processes, products or infrastructures and their compliance with the preset environmental targets. Hence, the system makes it possible to monitor, evaluate and validate the environmental efficiency to different stakeholders.  Another result is a decision support and equivalent systems that provide both on line and long term information for process management, operations, business planning and citizens.


The main components of the research are:

  • environmental information systems to monitor, evaluate and prove the environmental efficiency of various processes and products
  • interoperable environmental measurement systems
  • new online and remote sensing technologies


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