Ongoing Projects

PLASTin – To support the plastic industry actors to develop systemic, and environmentally optimized recycling concepts

The ALL-IN for Plastics Recycling (PLASTin) project is established to support the plastic industry actors to develop systemic, and environmentally optimized recycling concepts. This project is the first project in 4Recycling ecosystem. Read more

During 2022 is prepared the PLASTin 2.0 and the consortium is open for new partners. For more information contact Pirjo Kaivos.

FRACTION – Novel lignocellulose fractionation process for high purity lignin, hemicellulose and cellulose valorisation into added value products

FRACTION develops a novel integrated biorefinery approach to maximize the purity and quality of lignin and hemicellulose side streams in 2nd generation biorefineries to achieve its use in the formulation of high added value products, while keeping high quality cellulose as main targeted product. Read more

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BIOSWITCH – Encouraging Brand Owners to Switch to Bio-Based

BIOSWITCH aims to bring Europe to the forefront of the bio-based economy by encouraging and supporting brand owners from different sectors to switch to bio-based approaches. For more information, please visit the website:

SUSBINCO – Sustainable binders and coatings

Sustainable Binders and Coatings (SUSBINCO) is focused on sustainable bio-based binders and coatings in versatile applications such as fiber-based packaging, gasket materials, wood products, paints, adhesives, sealants, and abrasives. For more details please contact prof. Chunlin Xu,, Åbo Akademi.

Under preparation

Interested in replacing TiO2? Join the consortium!

Project consortium for a co-innovation project to replace TiO2 with cellulose-based opacifiers is under construction​

CLIC is supporting Aalto University to prepare a co-innovation project Cellulose-based opacifiers to replace TiO2. The specific target is to investigate the possibility of partly or completely replace TiO2 as an opacifier using cellulose. Read more.

Ended Projects

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