Recycling technologies for retail packaging

The focus area of Recycling technologies for retail packaging covers the research and development activities of sustainable and advanced packaging technologies in grocery trade. The focus is on plastic packaging.

Efficient recycling of packaging waste supports industry’s transition to the circular economy while contributing to reducing GHG emissions by keeping discarded waste as a resource within the circular economy.

The advanced collection and sorting processes are the first steps in ensuring that separated items are delivered to recycling plants. Improvements in collection schemes and sorting technologies are essential to achieve higher recycling rates. Recycling the packaging waste and creating materials that can be reused again is a key sustainability benefit. A favorable operating environment promotes the development of new technologies.

The research and development roadmap as well as the market shaping roadmap support these targets paving the way for 2030.

Pirjo Kaivos

Head of Circular Economy

Tel. +358 40 540 1796