Recycling of bulky fibre-reinforced plastic products and industrial side streams

The focus area of Recycling of bulky-reinforced plastic (FRP) products and industrial side-streams covers the research and development activities of sustainable industrial fibre-reinforced plastics. The first goals for this focus area are enforcing regulation and legislation in EU and Finland to build up the infrastructure dot FRP waste. New technologies for recycling FRP products and value chains for recycling FRP products needs to be developed.

To make the transition to circular economy there is need for system-level development, new solutions for recycling technologies and increasing bio-based materials in bulky FRP products. To achieve the goals for. ex. multidisciplinary teams need to design innovative business models to support the systemic change and data ecosystems with novel data collections and processing technologies need to support FRP recycling.

The research and development roadmap as well as the market shaping roadmap support these targets paving the way for 2030.

Pirjo Kaivos

Head of Circular Economy

Tel. +358 40 540 1796