International co-operation

Plastics challenge and markets related to the new solutions for recycling and bio-based alternatives to substitute plastics are international hence the 4Recycling ecosystem activities are international inherently. This is why we invite all kind of partners to join us in defining the needed actions as well as implementing them.

From the perspective of building and strengthening the needed knowledge base, much effort will be placed on building new international R&D partnerships. For this, the ecosystem will prepare a joint plan for the participation in different international co-operation initiatives such as the European partnerships. CLIC and many of the core companies are part of the The Bio-based Industries Consortium  who represents the private sector in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the European Commission, also known as the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) but the basis will be widen according to the need. The European partnerships are a good channel to find project partners and for influencing the European research agendas and, hence, the research topics that get financing. Also it gives an opportunity to participate in the global discussions, which supports the joint foresight work and helps for instance forecast the speed of global market development.

From the business perspective, the aim of 4Recycling is to build a versatile ecosystem with actors that complement each other and that represent different parts of the value chains. A complementary innovation ecosystem paves the way for the participants to build partnerships for more focused businesses. With a systemic approach, relevant new partners such as customers and local contractors from the target markets will be sought, contacted, and engaged in the ecosystem activities in accordance with the needs and expectations of the already active ecosystem participants.