In the Smart Energy Platform project the aim is to create the world’s most advanced flexible energy system of the future as a cleantech showcase, where a fossil free energy system and the whole value chain enabling different flexibilities simultaneously can be demonstrated. The objective is to build the future energy system that will demonstrate a comprehensive Finnish solution in full society scale to the resource scarcity challenge that earth will face in the near future. Increasing share of renewable energy generation of weather-dependent energy will rapidly mismatch between generation and demand, which increases future vulnerability of the energy system. Crucial elements of the future energy system include the ability to integrate distributed energy systems and local generation, the ability to manage concurrent fluctuations in production and demand and securing the supply of energy in different fault situations. The smart energy system of the future combines Finland’s strengths to fulfil future global needs, i.e. bioeconomy, cleantech and digitalization to address resource scarcity.

The feasibility-study carried out (in 2015) has studied various possibilities of flexibly linking different future energy system options and creating a demonstration platform in Åland. By creating a versatile platform, demonstration of smart energy technologies, enabling a high share of renewables can be made in a real environment. The advantage of Åland is to link single separate technology demonstrations to a comprehensive solution by various industries, technologies and market mechanisms. The Smart Energy Platform has potential for an internationally meaningful platform. It covers solutions for managing a high share of renewable energy system that can be scaled up for the most advanced and fastest growing markets. The various demonstration objects are by themselves not unique, but by building a platform and demonstration capability that covers the whole range of technology and market aspects is the differentiator. The future energy challenges are solved today by pooling together different fields of excellence.


Materials from feasibility study results (ÅTEC Teknologi- och Energicentrum)

ÅLAND Smart Energy Platform Factsheet (in Finnish)

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