INAR – Integrated atmospheric and earth system science research infrastructure

Integrated Atmospheric and Earth System Science Research Infrastructure (INAR RI) produces and integrates versatile data from nature to study material and energy flows between atmosphere and biosphere, to simulate and model the complex interactions and feedbacks and parameterize the processes to the climate/Earth system models and to provide long-term, continuous data series for researcher and other end-users for environment-atmosphere-climate-air quality human health related topics. INAR consists of 1) observation stations with in-situ, air-borne, satellite-based measurements; 2) experimental laboratories and field sites; 3) multi-scale modeling and simulation platforms; and 4) e-infrastructure enabling the data and RI access and data achieving. INAR RI is an internationally leading, multidisciplinary research environment for atmospheric and Earth system science and it contributes to several ESFRI/other European level RIs networks, such as ICOS, AnaEE, ACTRIS and LifeWatch.

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