Significant research results published out of Efficient Energy Use (EFEU) and Flexible Energy Systems (FLEXe) programs

Tomorrow’s Energy Solutions seminar was held on Monday October 31st in Paasitorni, Helsinki. On the seminar day, both of the research programs published their online results reports consisting of all the publications done in the program, please have look at:


EFEU: (will be updated untill 12/2016)

The seminar presentations can be found on SlideShare: and seminar posters from the final report links above.

The seminar attracted close to 200 participants from the companies, research organizations, government and CLIC’s stakeholders. The seminar was based on the results of two Finnish research programs Flexible Energy Systems (FLEXe) and Efficient Energy Use (EFEU).  The consortiums of the programs consisted of 32 Finnish energy companies, technology suppliers, ICT companies and research institutes.

The seminar’s opening speech was given by Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Kai Mykkänen. Keynote speeches from industry perspective was given by Ms Heli Antila from Fortum, Mr Jan Segerstam from Empower IM and Mr Jukka Tolvanen from ABB. The afternoon was divided into five sections with result highlights from the programs on each theme:  THE FUTURE ENERGY SYSTEM, ADAPTIVE GENERATION, ENABLER GRIDS, ENERGY EFFICIENT FLUID HANDLING SYSTEMS and THE CHANGING ROLE OF CUSTOMERS.





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