MMEA weather data helps to forecast disturbances in the electricity network

SGEM, the Smart Grids and Energy Markets research program, has carried on cooperation with the MMEA program for almost a year in the development of forecasting disturbances.

03 March 2015


Finnish companies and research institutes have developed an energy system of the future in the multidisciplinary research program Smart Grids and Energy Markets (SGEM). The research program aims to develop smart grid solutions, which can be demonstrated in the Finnish energy system and utilized on the global scale. The solutions are related to the architecture, components, management and maintenance of grids. In addition to technology, business models for future energy markets are also developed in the program. The research program is coordinated by the energy and environment cluster CLEEN Ltd.

Comprehensive utilization of combined data

ABB’s protective relays have for long protected networks and generated disturbance records on faults in smart grids. They are used for localizing and repairing faults. In addition to fault analysis, distribution system operators could also use the gathered information in forecasting disturbances and in the planning of preventive maintenance tasks more than at present.

One of the targets of the SGEM program is to be able to forecast faults in the electricity distribution network. In this work, the program is carrying on productive cooperation with the MMEA (Measurement, Monitoring and Environmental Efficiency Assessment) program: when you know the coordinates of the fault detection location, you can search for open accurate weather data from the MMEA platform. The weather data is entered in the grid analysis. Based on the data, it is analyzed which of the faults depend on the weather and which do not. This also involves the topographic database, which has already been available to the distribution system operators.

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