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Cleantech – What’s what

Cleantech or maybe Clean Solutions would be more appropriate term for the set of products and services, which value proposition is based on decreasing environmental impact and of which customers are willing to pay for. Clean Solutions is not a branch of industry, a technology or a discipline in traditional sense. Clean Solutions are often provided by “traditional industries” or more often an ecosystem of diverse companies deploying and combining various technologies, competences, disciplines etc. to reduce environmental impact of human activity. Most commonly referred Clean Solutions promote efficient energy or material use in some form. Scales can vary from huge technological process upgrades of heavy industries to immaterial b to c business models e.g. Uber or Airbnb are disrupting old businesses with impressive speed. Systemic Clean Solutions are of highest impact leading to people’s change of behavior in full societal scale.


The demand for Clean Solutions has not decreased but is bigger than ever and growing. This emphasizes the awareness of the scarcity of the very fundamental natural resources, namely, air, water and soil, which cannot any more absorb the waste streams caused by the use of non-renewable resources. Nature as a dump runs out of space.

See the whole blog writing by Dr Tommy Jacobson at Aalto EE website:



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