Finland is a forerunner in the promotion of European energy system development

The extensive FLEXe (Flexible Energy Systems) consortium coordinated by CLIC Innovation Ltd takes part in the implementation of the European Commission’s Strategic Energy Technology SET Plan targets.

‘Energy systems are globally in a profound transformation due to the increase of weather-dependent energy production and changing role of consumers. Here in Finland, we have become as pioneer of global transformation to gain a competitive edge by combining the high level knowhow on components of the energy system into a systemic level solutions. The FLEXe consortium coordinated by CLIC Innovation Ltd studies develops and demonstrates solutions related to future flexible energy systems. The consortium is unique as it represents the entire value network of the energy sector, and its research activities focus on the entire system. Active participants include energy producers and sellers, transmission and distribution system operators, as well as developers and service providers aiming to improve the information exchange,’ explains Development Manager Teija Laitinen of CLIC Innovation Ltd.

The European Commission has set targets for energy system transformation in the SET-Plan, which seeks to improve the competitiveness of the European energy sector in the global market. The FLEXe consortium takes part in the implementation of SET-Plan and emphasises the importance of promoting Finnish expertise.

‘In terms of Finnish competitiveness, it is significant that we already have a highly specialised team including top experts from 17 companies and ten research institutes. In addition to global energy companies, members of the FLEXe consortium include growth enterprises with their own special niches,’ Laitinen lists.

Visionary also in the future

Finns are currently global forerunners in energy system development, and the FLEXe consortium aims to safeguard our continuing position in the leading edge of the design, building and operation of new flexible energy system solutions. FLEXe aims at verification of solutions through demonstration, and sees it as particularly important to provide a platform for it.

The consortium aims to come up with solutions for an energy system, which is cost-effective and reliable and which complies with sustainable development and maximises the utilisation of domestic, renewable and clean forms of energy production.

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CLIC Innovation coordinates portfolios in cleantech and bioeconomy to construct systemic solutions which are beyond the resources of individual operators. The cluster is a cross-organizational fast-moving network. Its baseline is collaboration rising from the needs of the industrial and commercial sector, including strategic research, applied research, piloting of new technologies, and demonstration of solutions. Non-profit-making CLIC Innovation Ltd is owned by 30 companies and 17 universities and research institutes.


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