Tue 12 January 2016 - Tue 12 January 2016

Workshop for planning the next steps towards the smart energy demonstration: Case Smart Energy Åland

Time: Tuesday 12 January 2016, 11:00 – 17:00
Place: downtown Helsinki (tbc)

You are kindly invited to participate in the workshop on planning the next steps towards the smart energy demonstration in Åland. The target is to establish the most advanced flexible energy system of the future in Åland. 

The workshop will be based on the feasibility study in which the goals and scope of the demonstration were outlined as well as the attached Express of Interest of the project initiative sent to Tekes on 17.12.2015

The objective is to demonstrate in full-societal scale how to enable a significant amount of weather-dependent power generation in energy system using all best available technologies, market mechanisms and policies. Furthermore the demonstration will serve as a testbed, which can be used for the development of the future energy systems. The demonstration will be set-up in three phases: Feasibility phase (i) in which the target and scope have been set, Planning phase (ii) in to which we are just entering, after which the decision on proceeding to the final i.e. Execution phase (iii) will be done.

We are arranging a kick-off workshop in order to prepare a project plan and respective funding application for Planning phase of the demonstration to the “Kestävää liiketoimintaa”-call of TEKES, which will be submitted before the end of February 2016. The objective of Planning phase is to identify the relevant actors, their roles in the future energy system and to specify necessary technologies and subsystems for it. In addition, we wish that after the workshop your organization would be committed to further preparation of the project plan and funding application.

Welcome to hear more about one of the most fascinating Cleantech initiatives in Finland, to find out your role in it as well as to plan to make it happen!

We request you to kindly confirm your participation via Surveypal latest on January 8th, 2016.


11:00    Opening words, Ralf Häggblom ÅTC
Overview of the planning phase, Seppo Hänninen VTT
TEKES Call procedure, Teija Laitinen CLIC Innovation
12:00    Lunch
13:00    Research and demonstration themes, Sami Repo TUT
Comments on the themes
14:00    Team work to define the following Work Packages of Planning phase project plan in more detail
WP 1: Design and building of the testbed for flexible energy ecosystem
WP 2: Physical platform integration and adaptation
WP 3: Energy markets shaping: Making it work
WP 4: Flexibility enablers and drivers
16:00    Wrap-up and next steps, Tommy Jacobson CLIC Innovation
17:00    Closing

Language of the workshop is English.

For more information:
CLIC Innovation – Tommy Jacobson, tommy.jacobson@clicinnovation.fi, +358 (0)40 8282 711

ÅTC – Ralf Häggblom, ralf.haggblom@atc.ax, +358 (0)457 344 5587




Teija Laitinen

Development Manager

+358 40 5295 886


CLIC Innovation