Bioenergy in balancing the grid & providing storage options – IEA Bioenergy

EUSEW Workshop

14 June 2016

Breydel Auditorium


09.30-10.00        Opening Session
Session Chair: Kyriakos Maniatis, DG ENER
  • Marie Donnelly, DG ENER
  • Adam Brown Welcome by IEA Renewable Energy Division
  • Kees Kwant, Chair, Executive Committee, IEA Bioenergy, IEA Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme 
10.00-11.00        Setting the scene (i)
Session Chair:     Kees Kwant, Chair, Executive Committee, IEA Bioenergy,
  • Emanuele Bianco, IEA Presentation on GIVAR project
  • Juha Kiviluoma, IEA WIND Task 25, “The need and value of balancing in future – Power Systems with Large Amount of Wind Power”
  • Gaëtan Masson, PVPS Task 1 OA, “PV as a catalyst of the energy transition in Europe: challenges and opportunities”
11.00-11.30        Coffee Break & Networking
11.30-12.10        Setting the scene ii
  • Grid operators perspective
  • Antti Arasto, VTT, “Bioenergy Role in balancing the grid: preliminary overall results from the study
12.10-13.00        Panel Discussion
Moderator: Luc Pelkmans, Technical Coordinator, IEA Bioenergy

Panellists: Kees, Kwant, + IEA IAs representatives + Antti Arasto + Commission Representative

13.00-14.00        Lunch 
14.00-15.30 Bioenergy’s contribution
Session Chair: Adam Brown, IEA Renewable Energy Division
  • Jerry Murphy, Task Leader Task 37, IEA Bioenergy, “The potential role of biogas in energy smart grids
  • Niko Wirgentius, Fortum, ” “CHP+: bioenergy & balancing element for renewable electricity”
  • Wärtsilä, Fast response ICE supplier (TBC)
15.30-16.00        Coffee Break & Networking
16.00-17.00        Bioenergy’s contribution ii
Hybrids in pilot and demo phase
  • XXXX, “Pyrolysis oil as bioliquid for balancing the grid” (TBC)
  • Pirjo Jantunen, Helen Ltd. New opportunities for bioenergy in balancing CHPC systems
  • Ilkka Hannula, VTT, Doubling the output of synthetic biofuels. Exploiting synergies between biomass and other RE sources
17.00-17.45 Panel Discussion
Moderator: Adam Brown, IEA Renewable Energy Division
Panellists: Afternoon speakers
17.45-18.00        Conclusions & Recommendations
18.10                     Closure


You can have more information at:; by scrolling down till you will see the  sign “IEA Bioenergy” where you will also find the registration site for the Workshop.



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